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Work faster in Lightning Experience apps with keyboard shortcuts. You can search for, edit, save, and close a record without touching a mouse.

  • You can’t customize keyboard shortcuts in Lightning Experience.
  • Keyboard shortcuts aren’t case-sensitive. For example, Shift+B is the same as Shift+b. If Ctrl, Alt, or Shift is part of the shortcut, the sequence of the keys doesn’t matter. For example, Ctrl+Alt+A is the same as Alt+Ctrl+A.
  • For shortcuts that specify “then,” release the first key, or key combo, before typing the next key. The comma isn’t part of the shortcut.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are supported on U.S. and U.K. keyboards. Shortcuts that include / (forward slash) and . (period) aren’t supported on other language keyboards.
  • Lightning Experience keyboard shortcuts don’t work on Salesforce Classic apps viewed in Lightning Experience.

These shortcuts work in all Lightning apps with standard navigation. Lightning apps with console navigation have additional shortcuts. You can’t use these shortcuts in apps created in Salesforce Classic.

Close or deselectClose or deselect a window.

You can’t close some windows and dialogs with this shortcut.

EditEdit a record.

This shortcut doesn’t work with Lightning Knowledge articles, reports, dashboards, feed items, approval requests, and email messages.

Insert quick textDisplays the quick text browser. Use the browser to find, preview, and insert quick text.Windows: Ctrl+.

macOS: Cmd+.

Open or close MacrosOpens or closes the Macros utility.M
Open or close NotesOpens or closes the Notes utility.

To use this shortcut, first open the utility.

Post to feedSubmits a post or comment.

You can submit posts, comments, and questions with details. This shortcut doesn’t work on other publisher actions, such as emails and polls.

Windows: Ctrl+Enter

macOS: Cmd+Enter

SaveSave a record.

Your focus must be on a field.

Windows: Ctrl+S

macOS: Cmd+S

Show shortcut menuDisplays the available shortcuts in a modal window.Windows: Ctrl+/

macOS: Cmd+/

Focus notificationsFocuses the notification panel. Press the shortcut again to focus the next notification.C
Focus notifications (reverse order)Focuses the notification panel. Press the shortcut again to focus the previous notification.Shift+C
Go to composer windowGoes to the docked composer window.G, then D
Go to publisherTakes you to the publisher.

If your publisher has multiple actions, you can use the Tab and arrow keys to navigate within the publisher.

G, then P
Go to utility barGoes to the utility bar.G, then U
Switch walkthrough focusWhen the walkthrough window is displayed over the app, this shortcut lets you switch focus between the walkthrough and the app.F6
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